4 Ways to Maximise Video Exposure on YouTube

So, you’ve started a YouTube channel? But you’re not sure how to get your videos out there on to the big platform? Need advice for maximising exposure? Whether you’ve set up a channel for personal or business purposes, here are four top tips for getting your YouTube video near the top of the ranks.

Here are our top four tips on how to brand your videos on YouTube to rack up those views.

Top Tip 1: Titles

Titles are probably the first aspects of a video viewers notice— it’s what will catch their eye or draw it away—so you need a relevant, attractive title for your video. You have to make sure your title offers something to someone who doesn’t already know who you are, as labelling your video something personal will not draw viewers in if they don’t know you. So if you’re a relatively new channel, or simply haven’t found the right exposure strategies yet to rack up those subscribers, you need to title your video so it will attract a universal audience. Good examples of videos like this include “How to...” and “Top Ten Reasons to...”

Associating with pre-existing brands in your title can often help you do better in terms of search engine popularity. Just like SEO in Google, using familiar and frequently typed words in your title will increase the likelihood of your video popping up on the list.  

Top Tip 2: Thumbnails

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your thumbnail for your video should be bright, electric and reign prominent over the other videos squashed up above and below. You want all of the attention to zoom in on your video, so make it stand out. Push it to the foreground with colour, exaggerated facial expressions and close-ups. These elements will make your video more appealing—or, at least, draw all of the attention.

The importance of linking your title to your thumbnail cannot be overstated, as it is good for the title and thumbnail to tell the same story and complement each other.  Minimal text and close faces are the most desirable and successful thumbnails on YouTube. For example, a video titled “Telling My Wife a Secret!” accompanied by two shocked faces in the thumbnail will create a cohesive and impelling link for viewers to click on.

Pictures are powerful – so don’t underestimate their significance in branding videos for exposure.

Top Tip 3: Tags

Tags. Just think about how important tags and labels are on clothes. They’re equally as important on videos for conveying the right information and enticing the viewer. They’re your opportunity to tell Google and YouTube specifically what your video is about. Finding similar videos to yours and looking at the type of tags they use, and then replicating those on yours so you know which tags work and which are less successful in drawing in relevant viewers. For example, a make-up video would aim to tag as many relevant words related to that industry and artistry as possible, such as: eye-shadow, lipstick, make-up, makeup tutorial, foundation, daytime look, red lips and so on.

Top Tip 4: Description

The description box is useful for expanding on any points you mentioned in your video, or telling your audience more about you and how to connect. Here are a few useful things to include in your video description:

  • Who you are: name, age, interests, any other facts you want your audience to know
  • What your channel is about: Are you a ‘booktuber’? Makeup channel? Lifestyle and advice guru? Make the purpose and content of your channel clear in your description, and you will receive relevant subscribers
  • Social links: Include links to any/all social media platforms you use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest... This will not only allow people to learn more about you, but you will naturally gain more followers across your platforms, and can then use this popularity to promote more videos
  • Links to other videos: YouTube aims to keep people on its website for as long as possible, and you will also want people to keep clicking on all of your videos, so set up links to your previous video, most popular, most controversial etc. People will naturally click on affiliate links to your video if they like it, so make their experience and your job easier by providing those links in your description box.

So there you have it. Four Top Tips. Four ways to brand your videos to maximise your exposure through that handy-dandy YouTube search bar. Search engine optimization (SEO) is your best friend in helping you to get your videos out there and noticed, so make sure your branding makes it enticing for both human beings and search engines. Watch your video get ranked at the top.

Titles, thumbnails, tags, description – employ all four and watch the views roll in.

Monday, April 9, 2018