5 Tips on Using Instagram to Build Your Business

5 Tips on Using Instagram to Build Your Business

So you’re straying into social media territory to market your business? Are you a little lost? Here are five tips from WOAW to get you back on track. Learn how you can use Instagram to connect and grow your business online.

Instagram is the most visual platform we have online, and we should take advantage of that. It’s all about captivating your desired audience with pictures and carefully crafted captions. Your aim is to get users to stop scrolling past your post.

The CEO of WOAW, Joe Binder, shares his top five tips for your business benefit:

Top Tip 1 – Optimising

Your Instagram profile is your personal shout of what you’re all about. Optimise your profile picture, web links, biography and name to promote your business in the right light.

Firstly, the picture. Make it stand out, but not too loudly. You don’t want to convey an obnoxious vibe by creating a collage of your entire company into one little circle. Use colour to your advantage instead. For example, pick a bright colour that won’t clash too much with the colour palette of your Instagram page and use it for the background of your picture. Yellow is a good example. It’s bright, has warm, happy connotations and will stand out amongst the darker shades.

And the bio?It needs to be representative of your company. Include a short description of your company and its aims, sprinkle a few web links in there to guide readers to your website, blog or contact information, and you’ve made a relevant, succinct bio. Clarity is vital for keeping readers enticed in your company, so try not to elaborate too much in such a short space. Save the talking for your images. Use your pictures to portray your company. That is, after all, what Instagram is all about.

And your name should be related to your company and/or you personally. Try not to make it appear too informal with added interests or hobbies like “[surname]_loves_sports” . Keep it relevant. Keep it on the company. Adding too many numbers to the end can also detract from the formality.

Try “[company name]” and date established. Or, your name and the company directly afterwards.

Top Tip 2 – Visual identity

Your Instagram is your personal portrayal of your company; your identity on social media.

What is your company about? Flowers? Cars? Healthy living? Don’t post pictures that stray from your topic. Consistency is key here. Having an assortment of flowers and then an image of a car is distracting and will confuse the user on what your company is really about, and they might even lose interest because of your arbitrary focal change. Develop a pattern and a social strategy in your Instagram posts. Keep it specific for your brand.

How can you do this?

Maintain a colour scheme – whether that’s pink, blue, orange, red, or green. Pick a colour and stay within that shade range. Not only will it make your page more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also help you construct a tone for your company. Look into the types of emotions certain colours can induce – for example, pale blues are typically associated with feeling calm.

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Top Tip 3 – Photos and their captions

Photos and captions go hand in hand on Instagram. WOAW never advocates putting words on a photo. Keep it strictly image-based. Words are for captions. Keep the images clear, bright like your profile, and—once again—completely relevant to your branding.

Captions should aim to relate to the image in some way. They should tell a story, provide clarification, or offer some entertainment or educational value to the overall post.

Remember, people are visiting your Instagram page for a reason. You need to make sure they find something valuable there.

Top Tip 4 Community

Creating a community on Instagram is incredibly valuable. If you connect with those who are interested in your company, you can almost guarantee their return.

Not sure how to build the community?

  • “Call to action” – in your captions, invite users to connect with you by hosting a “call to action”. This can involve including things like “Comment below if...” and “That’s our view. What do you think about this?” on the end of your captions to invite others to share their opinions.
  • Personalise – when you reply to comments (which you should definitely aim to do as much as possible), WOAW recommends you make it personal by going on to the user’s page and finding their first name. Instead of replying with their convoluted username, reply with “Hi [name], thanks for commenting...” It will leave a sociable and friendly impression on them.

Top Tip 5 – DM

Instagram DMing stands for Direct Messaging. Once you have found or been in contact with someone who expresses a genuine interest for your brand, reach out to them personally through direct messaging.

For example, if your company encourages healthy eating and nutrition, and you find someone who is a strong advocate for the same values, send them a private message along the lines of: “Hi, I’m [company/name] and we’d love to send you some free nutritional meals to try out, so you can share them with your audience...”

This is a great way to build up a reliable community (Top Tip 4) and find new potential clients.

Those are WOAW’s top five tips for beating the business blues with Instagram.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018