Introducing Social Worx: The PR Agency for the People

In an economic world bursting to the brim with rivalry, where businesses compete for visibility and success every second of the day, spreading the word about yourself or your company is a gruesome challenge. Picture this: you’re starting up a business, ready to launch, but struggling to shout beyond the shadow of larger PR firms—what do you do, and who do you turn to for aid? 

Niro Knox, CEO of Social Worx.

Enter Niro Knox, founder of Social Worx. Niro is familiar with the process of building a company up from one localised idea into an internationally-accessible phenomenon, all with one tiny device: his laptop.

Knox “built the business with his hands”, employing the use of the machine we unconsciously take for granted every time we step into the office.

Wave Goodbye to Flashy Advertising

So you’ve got a laptop, but you don’t know how to get people to notice your business? Well, firstly, don’t let the myth of flashy advertising steal your wallet.

Knox warns the team at WOAW about bowing to the temptation of billboard advertising. Don’t waste an extortionate £90k on that oversized billboard in Oxford Street.

“It won’t get you anywhere because you aren’t reaching your target audience effectively.” 

Knox created Social Worx to help those who can’t afford to work with big PR firms.

Over the years, PR has transitioned away from its true meaning: reaching out to the ordinary people in the street. When you’re starting up your business, you don’t need to be shouting at the larger companies for publicity.

You need to reach out to the people, to your neighbours, to your colleagues, to your friends, to the people walking to the coffee shop, to the people in the bank.

How to win on Instagram

Okay, so now you have a bit of background, the question is how can you win on Instagram? First, identify your target demographic—who are you reaching out to? Who are you trying to communicate with? This will help you shape your method of marketing. Then, create content that they will enjoy and find valuable.

Once you’ve got going, the key to success lies in your consistency and dedication.

When Knox was building his agency, he would go backstage to his laptop during the ten minute intermissions of his UK music tour and spend that precious time writing code.

Take advantage of the tiny bursts of freedom you get throughout the day.

For a business to grow, and for people to notice, you need to pour blood, sweat and tears into its development. People will notice if you remain inactive for months at a time. Consistency is key.

Find out more about Niro and Social Worx here.

Thursday, May 10, 2018